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Types of Autumn Fruit - Fall Fruits

Ulla Rothschuh Osorio
By Ulla Rothschuh Osorio, Biologist. October 2, 2023
Types of Autumn Fruit - Fall Fruits

The different types of autumn fruits can make the changing seasons that little more bearable. We may most associate plants bearing fruit during spring and summer, but there are different plants which can bear their fruit during the fall or even during winter. Some of these are fruits which we may associate more as vegetables, such as pumpkins and corn. These are actually fruits, even if they are eaten in many autumnal dishes such as pumpkin pie or corn on the cob.

At thedailyECO, we learn more about the different types of autumn fruit. We share these fall fruits with descriptions of each, as well as photos of what they look like.

  1. Kiwi
  2. Pumpkins
  3. Grapes
  4. Pomegranate
  5. Corn
  6. Peach
  7. Apple
  8. Pear
  9. Plum
  10. Custard apple
  11. Types of dried autumn fruits
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Kiwis are fruits are very rich in vitamin C. Despite the latter being more associated with ascorbic acid, kiwis have three times more than oranges. This makes them ideal types of fall fruit because the changing autumn temperatures often result in the greater spread of diseases such as the cold and flu. These vitamin C-rich fruits are able to boost your immune system to protect against them and shore up your defenses come flu season.

Types of Autumn Fruit - Fall Fruits - Kiwi


Pumpkins are typical fall fruits, so much so that they are inextricably connected to Halloween. This is thanks to their use as Jack-o'-Lanterns or other fall decorations. However, it is important to remember they are most importantly a food produce which allows them to be incorporated into various fall recipes and dishes. They are characterized by their globular shape and deep orange color. Their rind is think and their flat seeds are also edible.

Despite orange pumpkins (see photo below) being the most recognizable, there are many different types of pumpkins. These can be found in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. Although we associate them as an autumn fruit, they are actually eaten all year round. This is because they have different qualities depending on their level of maturation. Although they are also consumed when they are tender, they reach their peak in the fall, which is when they fully mature.

Types of Autumn Fruit - Fall Fruits - Pumpkins


Grapes belong to the genus Vitis and become mature in September. From this time, they last until December. They are very easy to incorporate into your diet due to their small size and delicious sweetness. Since ancient Greece, they have been used as fresh or dehydrated fruit, but also in the production of wine. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that help prevent cellular aging.

As with pumpkins, there are many varieties. These include different species, as well as the various varietals used to make wine. Learn more with our guide to the different types of grapes for eating and drinking.

Types of Autumn Fruit - Fall Fruits - Grapes


Pomegranate season also begins at the start of September. For this reason, it is used in Mexican dishes to celebrate their national month. This fruit has been important to many cultures, including its appearance in the Old Testament of the Bible. It is also an important part of the culinary heritage of countries as diverse as Turkey and Spain.

The pomegranate tree produces large fruits about 10 centimeters in diameter. As seen in the photo below, dozens of seeds grow under the thick shell, each wrapped in a red pulp that explode or pop when bitten. It is rich in vitamins C, A and B6, in addition to the seeds having a unique flavor. It is often used to flavor other dishes and a syrup known as grenadine is made from pomegranates that is popular in various cocktails.

Pomegranate trees are considered a type of xerophyte plant.

Types of Autumn Fruit - Fall Fruits - Pomegranate


This is another type of autumn fruit that many mistake as a vegetable. While it is eaten as a vegetable, botanists see it as a type of fruit. It can be planted almost all year round, but its correct cultivation is done twice a year. This means it occurs in spring-summer and in autumn-winter. This last period gives the best harvest due to the climatic conditions and sowing begins, especially in October or November.

Corn is also consumed a lot during the fall in various cultures, taking advantage of the harvest coming out of the spring-summer period with large consumption in September. This extends well into the fall-winter cycle. Corn is also often used as decoration in North American harvest festivals to represent the arrival of autumn.

Types of Autumn Fruit - Fall Fruits - Corn


Autumn fruits are characterized by having colors ranging from orange to red. This is the case of the peach. Although hard to see in the photo, this fruit has white villi on the skin which gives it a fuzzy feeling to the touch. Inside, this autumn fruit has a juicy pulp that covers the large seed which is in the form of a stone or pit. For this reason, peaches are considered to be a type of fall stone fruit.

In addition to bearing a type of autumn fruit, peach trees are considered to be a type of gymnosperm plant.

Types of Autumn Fruit - Fall Fruits - Peach


The best season for apples is autumn. This is the time during which they have the best nutrient content and are in abundance. it is for this reason they are usually incorporated into cakes and typical seasonal autumn recipes. Like other types of fall fruits, most apples that grow best at this time have the characteristic red color of the season. They are associated with apple pie, a dish that is often considered the quintessential autumn dish.

Types of Autumn Fruit - Fall Fruits - Apple


There are different varieties of pear, with each one ripening at different times. This means we can find types of winter, summer and autumn pears. The latter has a delicate flavor, with a strong aroma. They are creamy and slightly acidic, being one of the most sought after due to their rich flavor. They also provide many benefits when consumed as part of a balanced diet thanks to their antioxidant and vitamin B complex composition.

Types of Autumn Fruit - Fall Fruits - Pear


Purple plums have many carotenoids that serve as protectors for the eye because they have precursors of vitamin A. This is in addition to being rich in other antioxidants. Plums are also excellent allies to facilitate intestinal transit due to their high fiber content. You can eat the fresh fruit itself or use it to cook a variety of recipes. They can also be eaten in their dried form when they are known as prunes.

If you want to purchase some dried prunes to enjoy these fall fruits any time of year, you can use the affiliate link below:

Types of Autumn Fruit - Fall Fruits - Plum

Custard apple

Known as the cherimoya in its native South American Andes, it is now consumed in many other countries across the world. It is an autumn fruit that is usually enjoyed on its own, although it can also be incorporated into sweet recipes. As for nutritional content, it is peculiar because it has 2% protein, a fairly high number compared to other fruits. However, we should note that the seeds contain a toxin when crushed, so we need to be careful when eating this autumn fruit.

Types of Autumn Fruit - Fall Fruits - Custard apple

Types of dried autumn fruits

Autumn ripens various fruits, from which dried fruits are produced that can be used to consume them just mature. Some of them are listed below (with photos at the end of the article):

  • Hazelnuts
  • Pistachios
  • Pine nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Almonds
  • Cashew nuts

If you want to discover another fruit which is most associated with the fall season, check out our guide to the different types of chestnuts.

Types of Autumn Fruit - Fall Fruits - Types of dried autumn fruits

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Types of Autumn Fruit - Fall Fruits