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Tulip Color Meanings - Symbolism of Tulips

Ulla Rothschuh Osorio
By Ulla Rothschuh Osorio, Biologist. June 17, 2024
Tulip Color Meanings - Symbolism of Tulips

Tulips are flowering plants from the genus Tulipa which are known for their large flowers that bloom in a range of majestic colors. They are popular in gardens, but can also be given as gifts in bouquets. While the type of tulip given as a gift may simply be due to preference for a certain shade of flower, different colors have been ascribed different meanings due to our shared cultural history. For example, white tulips often represent beauty and purity, while blue tulips have a symbolism related to sincerity.

It is for this reason thedailyECO looks at tulip color meanings by sharing the symbolism of tulips by color. We find out how the right tulip can help you express something when giving tulips as a gift or growing them for ourselves.

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  1. White tulip
  2. Blue tulip
  3. Yellow tulip
  4. Purple tulip
  5. Red tulip
  6. Black tulip
  7. Pink tulip
  8. orange tulip
  9. When to give tulips as a gift

White tulip

White tulips are one of the most popular types of tulip, possibly due to their versatility. They can blend into any flower arrangement or flowerbed to lend a little tastefulness and style. The white tulip meaning has come to be associated with purity, love, kindness and honesty. For this reason, white tulips are often given to brides or used in a bridal bouquet.

White tulips are also known to symbolize forgiveness, since they represent fairness, growth and peace. They are often given to people when they want to make an apology for something or to help people heal after a bad experience. This is why they are often given to patients in hospitals.

Tulip Color Meanings - Symbolism of Tulips - White tulip

Blue tulip

Blue tulips are a bright and beautiful flower which can be an amazing addition to a graden due to the relatively rarity of their color. Blue is associated with truth, sincerity, tranquility and peace. Blue tulips are a very suitable flower for people who are going through a difficult time, either in their emotional life or in their physical health. Many people provide blue tulips to comfort those in need. It is a color that expands communication and benefits both the mind and the body.

Tulip Color Meanings - Symbolism of Tulips - Blue tulip

Yellow tulip

The yellow tulips is known to connote positivity and joy. They are a celebratory color of tulip, leading them to often be given on special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. The meaning of yellow tulips also extends to friendship, sincerity, trust and happiness. For this reason, they are often given to say thank you to someone with whom we have a close bond.

Giving a bouquet of yellow tulips can strengthen a friendship, since its bright color not only reminds us of the vital force of the sun, but is also related to the positive values of true friendship. With this flower we are giving good vibes, energy, enthusiasm and encouragement so that the future is positive.

You can take a look at our guide to drying and keeping tulips if you want to make these feelings of positivity and joy last even longer.

Tulip Color Meanings - Symbolism of Tulips - Yellow tulip

Purple tulip

Purple is a color often associated with royalty. For this reason, the meaning of purple tulips is wealth, luxury and prosperity. We can give a bouquet of these flowers to our friends who are going through difficult economic times and to whom we wish their fortunes to change. They are also very suitable for graduation ceremonies, as we are wishing great success to the person who will soon begin their professional career and a new stage of their life.

Tulip Color Meanings - Symbolism of Tulips - Purple tulip

Red tulip

Red is the color most associated with the passions. This means the symbolism of red tulips is true, eternal and passionate love. It is the kind of flower that is given to a partner or someone we hope might become a romantic partner in the future. If someone is occupying our hearts, but we are struggling to relay our feelings towards them, a bouquet of red tulips can be a way to express what our words cannot. For those of us already in a relationship, they are the ideal Valentine's Day gift or as a symbol to establish a more formal commitment.

Learn more about what do red tulips mean with our related article.

Tulip Color Meanings - Symbolism of Tulips - Red tulip

Black tulip

Black is a color associated with mourning, often relating to days of sorrow and sadness. In times past, bouquets of black tulips could be seen at funerals, expressing the pain felt at the departure of the deceased loved one. Now black tulips have a broader meaning. They can be the ideal addition to a range of bouquets, providing an elegant tone to celebrate various occasions. They are also known to symbolize exclusivity and sophistication, connoting elegance, power and authority. They are also perfect for any goth friends you might have as it fits with the aesthetic.

Tulip Color Meanings - Symbolism of Tulips - Black tulip

Pink tulip

Pink is a color that shows tender affection between people, like that between a mother and a child, between siblings and between true friends. It is the perfect flower to give for a sweet sixteen, as it symbolizes a life of dreams and aspirations. When we give a flower of this color, we are wishing the person who receives it to be free of problems, have joy in their life and that their physical and mental well-being is assured.

Tulip Color Meanings - Symbolism of Tulips - Pink tulip

orange tulip

As orange is the color of renewed strength, orange tulips are the perfect flower to give to a couple who is moving to a new house, to a person who is about to start a job or to someone who is sick. This is because the orange tulip symbolizes recovery after a period of illness. A flower of this color means confidence and vigor. It is vibrant and demonstrates constructive energy.

Tulip Color Meanings - Symbolism of Tulips - orange tulip

When to give tulips as a gift

If you want someone to know you are sincere in your affection and warm feelings towards them, giving tulips is the way to go. With their long stems and showy blooms, a bouquet of tulips is a beautiful and impressive way to make someone feel they are special. Whether there is a particular occasion or you simply feel compelled to express your feelings via the medium of flowers, the following explain when to give tulips as a gift:

  • Love and friendship: it is common to give tulips on Valentine's Day (14th February) which is the Day of Love and Friendship. They are given as gifts to partners and spouses in a romantic capacity, as well as to close friends.
  • Femininity: in some countries, purple tulips are given on International Women's Day which is on 8th March every year. This is to remember and symbolize the fundamental rights of women.
  • Marriage: the white tulip is given at weddings when the bride wants to offer her bouquet to other women in her party. In this case, whoever keeps the bouquet may be the next bride.
  • New year: yellow tulips are often given on the 26th March to symbolize the beginning of spring. This can also often be given to someone at the beginning of a relationship.
  • Special occasions: they are so versatile that tulips can be given on birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations and other celebrations.

It must be taken into account that tulips are seasonal flowers. They only bloom in spring and they last a very short time once cut. We can give a bouquet of cut tulips as a gift, but we can also give the tulip plant itself in a pot if we want it to last longer. If we want to make it more special, we can cover the original pot with decorative paper.

Whatever their meaning, if you are lucky enough to receive a tulip plant as a gift, you can check out our article on how to care for potted tulips.

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Tulip Color Meanings - Symbolism of Tulips