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Plants With Flowers That Bloom All Year

Irene Juste
By Irene Juste, Editor. July 30, 2023
Plants With Flowers That Bloom All Year

Plants with flowers that bloom all year round are less common in botany. It is also rare that a plant will have flowers for a full 365 day period. The plants with flowers that bloom all year on our thedailyECO list are those that have the potential to bloom throughout any period of the year. This doesn't mean all these plants will bloom year round. For this to happen, the plant needs to have the optimal conditions. This depends on the climate, but also on the level of care which we provide the plants. Most of the year round flowers are able to bloom thanks to a resistance to low temperatures. You can learn more with our list of year round flowers with photos.

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  1. Balsam (Impatiens walleriana)
  2. Egyptian starcluster (Pentas lanceolata)
  3. Geranium (Geranium spp.)
  4. Vervaine (Verbena spp.)
  5. Purslane (Portulaca spp.)
  6. African violet (Streptocarpus sect. Saintpaulia)
  7. Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
  8. Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus)
  9. Begonia (Begonia spp.)
  10. Cyclamen (Cyclamen spp.)
  11. Pink woodsorrel (Oxalis debilis)
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Balsam (Impatiens walleriana)

This plant has very colorful flowers and is a great ornamental plant for almost any room. It should be located in an area of the house with plenty of light and free from drafts. The watering of the balsam plant should be moderate, but always ensuring the soil doesn't dry up completely. Since it is a flowering plant that withstands excess water, it is best to water regularly. They exist in a range of different colors such as white, red or pink in varying shades.

Learn more about this plant that flowers year round with our guide to caring for the balsam plant.

Plants With Flowers That Bloom All Year - Balsam (Impatiens walleriana)

Egyptian starcluster (Pentas lanceolata)

The Egyptian starcluster is a shrub with small white, lilac, pink or red flowers that are grouped in pretty clusters that look like a tightly grouped constellation. This ornamental plant is perfect for the garden, where it will be showy and striking even in the coldest times of the year. It can be quite tall, reaching up to 24" (60 cm). It is not a flowering plant that needs a lot of care. With three weekly waterings, semi-shade and good drainage, it should thrive.

Plants With Flowers That Bloom All Year - Egyptian starcluster (Pentas lanceolata)

Geranium (Geranium spp.)

Geranium is a genus of flowering plants that are very popular in gardens all over the world. It is unlikely you can walk down any given street of houses with gardens and not see at least one geranium plant. They are particularly well loved because they are a plant that flowers year round, but also because they do not need excessive care. They can be great additions to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

During the summer months, you will need to water them almost daily. You should also add a little fertilizer every month. This will provide the vitamins and minerals it needs to bloom without problem.

Plants With Flowers That Bloom All Year - Geranium (Geranium spp.)

Vervaine (Verbena spp.)

Plants from the genus Verbena are colorful flowering plants that need regular care. They fare best in almost continuous sun and require moderate daily watering. This can be done in a pot or directly in a flowerbed. It blooms the most from late spring to late summer, but if proper conditions are maintained it can flower all year without difficulty.

Plants With Flowers That Bloom All Year - Vervaine (Verbena spp.)

Purslane (Portulaca spp.)

Purslane are a genus of plants, although it can also be used to refer to the purslane family (Portulacaceae). They are particularly noted for their beautiful small yellow flowers. It is a fairly resistant plant that blooms throughout the year, as long as it is in an area with a pleasant temperature. Irrigation is usually done a couple of times a week and it is advisable they receive a little direct sun throughout the day.

If you don't mind that a plant doesn't flower year round, you can take a look at our article on types of annual flowering plants.

Plants With Flowers That Bloom All Year - Purslane (Portulaca spp.)

African violet (Streptocarpus sect. Saintpaulia)

Another flowering plant that you can enjoy all year round is the African violet. It is an indoor plant that needs an area with enough light to allow it tog row healthy and without problem.

During the summer months it needs a frequency of watering of 3 times a week. In winter, watering the plant once every two weeks should be enough. To fully enjoy your flowers, you need to apply a fertilizer once every 15 days during the summer.

Plants With Flowers That Bloom All Year - African violet (Streptocarpus sect. Saintpaulia)

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

We continue with this list of plants that flower all year with lavender, one of the most well-known scents in all of botany. Its soft and delicate aroma has been used for many cosmetic and hygiene products since at least ancient times. It is also used in the home simply as an aromatic plant. Its purple flowers are beautiful, although you have to maintain it well (care and double weekly watering) and perform monthly pruning.

Learn what are the best aromatic indoor plants, which includes lavender, in our related article.

Plants With Flowers That Bloom All Year - Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus)

Another plant that blooms throughout the year both in a pot and in the garden is the carnation. It is a beautiful plant that can present in various colors. Some are solid colored, others have petals with a bi-color pattern. They are a cheerful and vibrant edition to any corner of the home. They need plenty of sun and watering, with direct sun exposure being ideal.

Discover some of the different types of carnations with our related thedailyECO article.

Plants With Flowers That Bloom All Year - Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus)

Begonia (Begonia spp.)

Another genus of plants which flower throughout the year, Begonia is home to many colorful flowers. Many of the cultivars of begonia can differ greatly. Some of them have very specific leaf patterns. The flowers of these plants are relatively large and can present in a range of color. If kept indoors, they need to be placed in a well-lit part of the home and watering needs to be moderate. Fertilizer should be added every two weeks in summer, but it should not be overdone.

Check out our article on the best homemade fertilizer if you want to save money and meet some new gardening goals.

Plants With Flowers That Bloom All Year - Begonia (Begonia spp.)

Cyclamen (Cyclamen spp.)

Sometimes known as an Alpine violet, plants from the genus Cyclamen are perennial plants which can bloom year round. It is a beautiful herbaceous plant with bright colors. All they can be year round flowers, they tend to peak in the spring and summer seasons. There are also varieties that bloom in the coldest months known as winter cyclamen.

One of the most popular colors of this plant to decorate the home is white. In this other article we show you 10 white flowers for the garden that you will love. You can also learn more about how to care for cyclamen with our video below:

Pink woodsorrel (Oxalis debilis)

It is a small plant with pink or yellow flowers that you can plant in pots. Being a plant with a tropical climate, it can bloom throughout the year. The ideal circumstances for it to grow without problems is a temperature of 15-20 ºC/59-68 ºF and a watering frequency of a couple of times a week. It is a plant that should be located in a fairly well-lit place in the house and avoid direct sun.

These are some examples of plants that bloom throughout the year and that will help you to give a good color to the area of the house that you want. As you have seen, they are very easy plants to care for, so you shouldn't n have any problems growing and enjoying them.

Plants With Flowers That Bloom All Year - Pink woodsorrel (Oxalis debilis)

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Plants With Flowers That Bloom All Year